Transition Preparations


I have to move soon, thus the magic trick of consolidating my entire life into the space of a few moving boxes is under way (the lines are from spay glue; since I basically ruined them, I talked my boss into letting me have them, dirty, I know, but he didn’t really care; I didn’t use them for that purpose originally, so all was innocent actually). I was at the thrift store today looking for a smaller bed, and found the price at the Salvation Army is actually more expensive than at a furniture store. Those guys are robbers, but they’ve devised a system of turning around donations that works very well for them I must admit. While there, I stopped by the book section to see if could locate a copy of a Virginia Woolf book, and during the search, I was met with the most bizarre inquiry: “Do you find it helpful to turn your head sideways when you’re looking through the books here?” a thin sable lady asked of me. Latching on to my propriety thus deterring the urge to answer a question with a question, my inner thought being, “What kind of a question is that!?” I answered her, eventually, applying the intellect as best as I could in such a situation, “Um, I suppose it does expedite the search, yes…” Whether or not she knew the meaning of the word expedite is still in question, but I didn’t escape the strange situation without giving her the time when she asked. For me, that was a kind of weird thing to ask, but I could be wrong.





If life could be as good as how good the fragrance was when standing next to those flowers, I’d be in heaven. Just being in that spot and taking in the air was simply delicious.




After a grueling commute in the blistering heat I realized I wasn’t going to feel like cooking, at 7:30pm no less; a trip to In-N-Out Burger was due, but what I’m never prepared for when I go there is the extreme congeniality when receiving the order. The pulse-pounding “HELLO!! HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY!!!” coming from a young girl wearing a ponytail and braces really threw me for a curve. Does that kind of animation really exist? It does apparently. I don’t think she was faking it either.

Now the task of consolidating continues as I embark upon the terror of moving. The place will be more expensive, the workload will increase, the expectations of me will go through the roof, and my financial resources will continue to be in question. Yes, I’d like a side-order of pressure to go with that, bring it on.

Regarding the blog, I’ve learned lessons from three blogs and this one is the home base officially. No more switch-ups as I’m through with that game, and my next step is to integrate. I hope I haven’t thrown anyone off too much, and I’m in the process of notifying everyone as best as I can. For those of you who read and follow along, thank you so much as this thought touches the heart in a peculiar and tender way. Since I don’t like the idea of private blogs with passwords, for anyone who’s stumbled into the blog, feel free to drop a line voicing your opinions pro or con: All comments are perpetually welcome and published.

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