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Blog 013

Very clever: carpet tacking strip along the fence top. I want to basically laugh at the thought of the loser who probably got away, made it over the fence, but not without a good flesh piercing. Hhaaha. That is creative. But leave it to me to find a pinch of humor in such matters. It’s kind of a shame that after 10 or 20 thousands years of evolving as humans we still can’t overcome the inane problem of crime…or homelessness for that matter.

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My summer uneventfulness is frightening because I feel like I’m living amid the calm before the storm; an eerie silence pervades as I ponder every last section of my life. Is everything taken care of? Have I forgotten something? Better check my pages again. Is there an email I missed? Nope. Nothing. The dragging pall of the afternoon I knew was coming and I didn’t prepare for it. Usually I rent some movies, but I’m trying to cut corners on even that. I write every single day, so when Sunday comes around, well dammit I guess I’ll just write then, too. The thing about anti-depressants is that I can sleep on those things, wow, almost fourteen hours, and this morning I was all over the place doing chores and getting things done. But that can’t go on, those things are bad. I had vowed I wouldn’t stand another summer like this, and yet here I am. So I’m standing atop the mountain yelling to anything, “Next summer will be different!!!!”

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Blog 005

I don’t know about being polite, but when someone starts telling me about things, like the decent young man telling me about his gallery, I appreciate the information and courtesy. There comes a point when I’ve heard enough though, and I’d like to just look now. But sometimes people don’t get this, and they just keep rambling and rambling. So I politely shook his hand, exchanged names, shared in pleasantries, and left. The man went to attend to something else, so aha, I snuck back in to look around, in silence…but to no avail; the man spotted me and returned right where he left off. Sometimes I can’t figure people out.

Lastly, wordpress software keeps bouncing around jittery while I’m trying to type here.

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