Gliding Despite


We all need someone to confide in, and that’s what I think I used to use my blog for. Lately, confiding in my blog has made me wonder about the online atmosphere, and I can live with that. If think about this, I’ve come to be able to retain my emotional issues to a bearable measure much like a grown man should. In other words, like the stereotypical man, bottling my emotions and remaining steadfast against all odds is the way to go; and “odds” are no stranger to me. I’m just still amazed that after all this time I seem to be watching people do well, so I have to continually place myself on the spectrum of who really has it bad. To the world reading, at least, if someone you know becomes disabled, help them, because the agencies in place that are supposed to help people recover from serious injuries don’t do a very good job at what they’re supposed to do, and often times disabled people will end up homeless.


This commute has obliterated my car which means I can probably expect more problems. I just hope they don’t occur until after I move, and when and if they do, I may just take the poor thing somewhere to die gracefully and peacefully. What I’ll do for another vehicle, who on earth knows. In fact, I’m startled, amazed, even impressed by how I’ve gotten by in this world thus far.


I think I can actually remember a pair of steel-wheeled skates lying around some garage of a childhood friend, which is an indicator that getting by as I have has been going on for quite some time. I’m either getting too good at this, or my luck is simply impeccable. I combine this sheer luck with my prize-winning work ethic, however, so I’m not exactly reliant upon serendipitous events to carry me through the game of life. I have to work my way through like anyone else.



I continually receive reports about disaster looming within the financial aid sector at university, so my anxiety concerning the matter can’t be helped. But I guess what I’m driving at is that even if the whole financial aid system crashes and my ability to attain a degree becomes irrevocably compromised, I’ll survive one way or another, I’ll just be little upset about the matter if that’s what it comes to.

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2 Responses to Gliding Despite

  1. woowooteacup says:

    My husband had difficulty working through programs that were ostensibly there for people who had suffered some sort of physical disability. He was about ready to give up, thinking he wasn’t eligible for any programs, when a new worker took charge of his case and got things rolling. He was able to get help with paying for books and mileage for school. Persistence helps, especially because the people working for government programs to aid the disabled have a ton of paperwork and are probably overwhelmed.

    Good luck with the financial aid. I hope disaster on that front remains averted.

    Looks like you’ve been hanging out in an antique shop. Out of curiosity, how do you decide what pictures you are going to display on your blog? Do they remind you of aspects of your day or do you pick the ones that are attractive in some way?

  2. LK says:

    Excellent question, and looks like you’ve touched right on the answer. A little of both.

    I hope the financial disaster remains averted too, seriously; and thank you for your concerns Mary.

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