More Anthropomorphizing


I found a case of more anthropomorphizing, and one of these little critters is holding his fingers in the sign of the beast. Doesn’t Disney realize that in Latin America, holding the pinky and the index finger up with the opposable thumb touching the folded middle and ring finger is the sign of El Diablo, translated as, The Devil? I never realized what this hand-sign meant until a friend of mine from Mexico told me. I had, as a teen, either did this sign to someone I knew, or with the thumb out, which means Hang Ten. I never actually knew what either meant at the time though, so when I did the former to my older Mexican friend, a fine Spanish speaking man, he looked at me quizzically and remarked, “El Diablo?” The matter had him truly concerned, and I had no idea I was doing so. Either gestures are never used by me any longer.

Of course, this rodent doesn’t have an opposable thumb, but still, he’s doing “the sign” without question. Surely this little detail hasn’t escaped the marketing department at Disney, but the reader must understand: I’m not insinuating that Disney promotes the act of devil worship, though I might imagine that many people would probably believe so.

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