Carrying the Show


This summer has been dead, but moderately productive. However, the production needs to increase, and since my work hours have been slashed, I’m going to have to attempt the goal setting procedure. I’d been doing short stories forever, and I like doing them, but novel writing is tedious work. I’ve got just the slot here for the next five weeks, so I’d better take advantage.

“Clean up on aisle seven…” One would have to be a true, die hard fan of the Ren & Stimpy show to understand what I mean here:


I don’t know if the bagel is my nemesis or not, but I know that about two weeks ago, I finally stopped drinking milk. What a difference. My body doesn’t feel bloated any longer. I love milk, but it’s not worth it. The bagel though? Good lord, not quitting the bagel?!


Self-pics freak me out. Makes me wonder about having kids, and wondering that if I had a son if he would follow in my footsteps. I wouldn’t wish my footsteps on my worst enemy. At least I’ve got some graceful balding action going on. The interesting aspect of being shirtless all summer long is the way in which people attend to and address me. The heat turns me into a cut-off wearing, t-shirt sporting bum, and people gloss over me like I don’t exist. Yet when I go to home depot in the dead of winter, decked in my high-collared school attire with my black jacket, tie and polished boots, heads are turning and people stare at me when I walk by. I even had a couple of construction dudes giving me these odd looks and striking up bizarre short talk with me, as though I were signing someone’s paycheck that day, that I was some prospective rich-guy employer. How a person dresses can have an influential effect in society.






Coraline is good, and clever. I was caught up with pondering how much this movie resembles another film that Neil Gaiman was involved with, and I began to think about why this is the second story he’s done with the mother/daughter plot. After watching though, I’m able to spot his style, and that’s a good thing. Must be nice to have that distinctive style no one else can emulate. There are types of creativity that stand out from regular creativity, and these “fantastical” ideas are not easy to come by, unless, as I suspect, once an author has discovered a groove, they roll with it.

In other news: I’ve got my official handbook on mastering the personal statement in the mail, and I’ve got a brand new book on constructing the résumé by modern day standards. Professionalism is slowly eating away at my precious soul.

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3 Responses to Carrying the Show

  1. jnanarama says:

    I always feel a bit lost when commenting. I can’t see the post, so I have to rely on my poor memory. Let’s see how I do.

    For one thing, there is nothing wrong with how you look. I read that part twice and I can’t figure it out. Unless you mean footsteps in terms of life path… but that doesn’t follow. I like the beard look, if you choose to keep it.

    Yay for figuring out the evil milk! I did the same a couple years ago, when I stopped drinking it as part of the Atkins deal. Yay for not feeling inflated by a bicycle pump!

    The next suggestion I had was good, but the timing is bad. Or maybe not. Email me if you’re interested in maybe building me some kitchen drawers with those slider tracks.

    Your soul will remain intact. Time to read some Elie Wiesel or Viktor Frankl, maybe? I feel ya though.

  2. LK says:

    The beard won’t stay no, that’s me and summer laziness; footsteps = life, yes, but I do have a bit of body dysmorphic disorder going on here.

    The milk? I’ll never drink it again, but that doesn’t mean I’ll escape the ol’ workout; I can’t stand working out, though I do it when I make myself. : )

  3. woowooteacup says:

    Self-pics freak the vast majority of us out and we’re all too darned hard on ourselves … including you.

    Great point you make about how people react to us based on how we are dressed. Notice that even the construction workers have a bias when dealing with a “suit,” even though you’ve done the same sort of work they have.

    Haven’t seen Coraline yet. Gotta do that some time.

    Just reworked my resume this past weekend. Ick. I never know what the current fashion is and which “power words” to use. I hope my attempt was reasonable.

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