Missing Toast

The weirdest thing happened this afternoon.

I made two pieces of whole wheat toast laden with butter and partially soaked with pancake syrup while I was watching the news. I proceeded to eat the first piece and I noticed a bit of the syrup dripping, so I decided to remain by the sink in order to prevent the mess from spreading. As I got down to the last nibble of the first piece, all I can remember is that, having felt safe that no more syrup would drip, I wandered into the room for a moment to polish it off while catching the news. Next thing I know I’m going back into the kitchen, and my other piece of toast is gone!

Or maybe I ate it.

I can’t remember.

I took a look around to see if maybe I misplaced it, but to no avail, my second piece of toast was either gone, or I was hungrier than I thought.

The longer I live alone the more I feel like I’m losing my mind.

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2 Responses to Missing Toast

  1. Mary says:

    Oh, dear. If you had a pet, you would have someone to blame.

  2. LK says:


    Living alone, I have no one to blame a lot of the stuff that unfolds around here on. Maybe I should get a pet for that purpose, a pet lizard maybe.

    Really though, this event has affected me.

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