Latest Monstrosity

Entryway before:



Entryway after, with bookcase:



So this is the monstrosity that has kept my writing from being fully nurtured this summer, and the culprit behind incurring the insufferable pain my car has endured, but the customers seem to like it since they keep having me do stuff. I’ve heard plenty of stories of writing contest winners who have children and jobs, and yet find time to write in the off hours, so I guess I can’t complain, but darn it, I wanna live the writer’s life. In any case, the magical money trick is complete and the ship is safe until the next summer storm.

Of course, no day goes by without the attendance of my faithful partner in crime, Mr. Zeek the dog.


He spots me, and I’m through until I give him Scott time.


He’ll even chew on my shoes if I don’t comply.



Ultimately, I cave for the sake of being able to get to work.


No day begins until he gets what he wants. What a spoiled pupper.

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4 Responses to Latest Monstrosity

  1. woowooteacup says:

    Nice bookshelves.

    Maybe you need the dog to nudge you into writing.

  2. jnanarama says:

    I forgot to say that your work is really beautiful.

  3. LK says:

    Thank You

    That’s just the problem, Ms. jnanarama, I dread having to do this, and I keep getting pulled back to doing stuff like this because they like my work.

    The miserable conunudrum it is.

  4. jnanarama says:

    It is a conundrum. Or is it? Maybe it is, or maybe it’s a realistic way to pay bills while you write? (If it causes you more physical pain, well, that’s not good at all, though.)

    I might be ill informed, but unless you’re married to someone making the money for the household, or receiving fellowship grant money to write… you are probably going to have to write in your off-hours while working at another type of job.

    I’ve given up on trying not to be the bubble-burster. It always happens. If you have some secret, though, you could probably sell that for your income while you write the day away!

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