I’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to get things done while at the same time bearing the pain of a torn muscle right in the side of my gut. What I came to realize is there isn’t a way; one just has to lie down and wait for the body to heal, where any activity to the contrary poses the risk of inflammation. This is typical of my luck as I need to be in tip-top shape for moving. I’m hoping the thing heals, if that’s the case, as I never went to the doctor. The pain is situated at the bottom of my right rib, and while I suspect the reason, a butterfly effect type of reason, I’m almost positive it is nothing more than a torn muscle. Whatever the case, it’s been hurting for a while, and I think it sucks, putting it blatantly. I can only lie down for so long before I start tinkering around the house and computer, however, thus I’m accomplishing some tasks that I’m pleased are getting done, but I declare, please o please, pain…shoo…go away…

So I’ve got the headphones on and I’m looking at some books to read, but that’s all I can write for now, really.

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3 Responses to Pain

  1. Mary says:

    Well, shucks anyway! Where did the poems go? They were delightful. Each had its own tone and feeling. Just loved the Witch.

    Hope the pain is subsiding. Does a heating pad or ice pack help?

  2. LK says:

    I thought they sat at a peculiar end from each other, but I didn’t delete them; they were from my notebook. “Witch” I was going to repost on Halloween, but since you found them (and like them :0 ) I went and put ’em back. Thanks ya!

    Guess I’ll have to derive something else delicious for Halloween…mmm, now my wheels are churning…

  3. woowooteacup says:

    Part of what I enjoyed about the poems was that they were so diametrically opposed as far as tone. The gentle Sweet Baby pitted against the cackling Witch.

    I’m glad you reposted them. I saw them on my Google Reader, but then didn’t find them when I clicked through to your blog. (You can’t hide from the RSS feed readers!)

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