It’s no glitch, I am the witch
I bring you pain and wounds to stitch

I’ll watch the clock and seek to plot
To place you in my boiling pot

Oh little boy with rosy cheeks
Out late at night out by the creek

You’ve wandered off a bit to far
You’re mine you are, how blind you are

Come more this way past dew and frost
By midnight’s bell you will be lost

My crystal ball sees all to say
At day you play the day away

The more you laugh, the more you smile
The more I’ll grin and wait a while

Now the moon is bright and round
You’ll stop, you’ll hear, the only sound

Of worms and snakes and dreadful fright
My giggling laugh, my prize delight

Beware the night, it’s not a glitch
I’m dark divine, I am the witch

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2 Responses to Witch

  1. jnanarama says:

    You know I’m not fond of scary things, but this poem does have such great tempo and meter. Good reading.

  2. LK says:

    I like going the patterned route sometimes, and I may do so again, but thank you.

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