Goodbye Commute, Maybe










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3 Responses to Goodbye Commute, Maybe

  1. jnanarama says:

    the job commute? hrm. what’s up?

    you take lovely pictures – the first one is definitely worth the price of admission.

  2. Carrie says:

    🙂 I absolutely love that first picture. Something about that blur is very fitting, don’t you think?

    And that train bridge near the bottom! Ooh, I love a beautiful train bridge.

  3. LK says:

    So strange, that’s the one picture I thought no one would like.

    Carrie, so glad you liked the train pic I had a feeling about, and I had to crawl with my car into the most difficult spot to get that pic; there are three bridges here with the mountain included.

    And yes, life is somewhat of a blur it does seem; great analogy.

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