I’ve been encountering one of those weeks where each time I deal with someone who’s “behind the counter,” they’re telling me things like: “you’ll have to come back, it’s only today the person you needed to see is not here,” or, “you’re more than welcome to wait, just one more hour or so.” I went to ride through town with a car battery fixed to the right handle bar on my bike, and to have the alternator checked afterwards, I was met with, “it’s only this week the machine isn’t here, is being repaired; it’ll be back next week.” Luckily, I’m used to these types of things, so the more I experience them, the better I become at attaining my masterful Zen patience.




One the of the good things that came from one wait, was that I learned I’ve accomplished so much already toward completion, that I’m left with a wide array of choices as to extra studies to pursue. Therefore, I’m taking up a spot in the music hall where I’ll be studying music again. This is strange seeming how I was trying to avoid this, and somehow it’s like, hunting me down. Music is soothing to the soul and playing music is about as good as it gets. Maybe I’ll be in a band again.

Blogy 004


The news from my doctor and radiologist was just as I suspected: my ankles are like saran-wrapped jelly. I don’t know what the specialist will advise, but I’m hoping amputation with the prospect of having a robotic foot reattached. Add in the automated, cochlear implants into my brain, and I could become a partialized robot.


One of the weird things about living here, good weird, is that instead of hearing constant sirens, people screaming and yelling, and hip-hop music blaring me completely out of my seat perpetually, I hear every twenty minutes or so through my window, a school of geese flying by, their gentle honking providing me with the perfect audial image of nature. Simply glorious.



Alcoholics, beware. This KOMBUCHA stuff is just like alcohol; burns like crazy in the stomach. Notice the ferment at the bottom of the bottle? What was interesting was how the label said to shake gently before drinking, so I shook gently, then I opened the bottle only to have it burst like compacted champagne all over my desk. I still have the scent of kombucha lingering in my room.


After absorbing the talent of this post, I saw this in my neighbor’s backyard and couldn’t help myself. What an odd chord seeing one of these things strikes; I think of London and fog and Halloween and just, you know, stuff like that.


Now I’m off to embrace the pain of Poetic Theory as I initiate the process of defining the New Criticism of the Mid-Twentieth Century. Keep me in your prayers all my friends out there in internet land, this stuff gives me a headache every time I start reading. I hope studying criticism doesn’t cramp my style?

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6 Responses to Developments

  1. noranoir says:

    do dee do do. You have now entered the twilight zone! And here I thought my lamp post should be more detailed and packed with antique design. But I was too lazy to achieve that. I guess there was a reason…

  2. artmodel says:

    You are in my prayers and thoughts, darling friend, through all your journeys. Hugs and laughter your way, from out here in Internet land 🙂


  3. jnanarama says:

    Aw. Saran wrapped jelly. I imagine that’s why you want to get away from the upscale cabinetry work. You’re on your feet and carrying heavy things. At least we already knew I was a jackass and there was no need for reply.

    I wonder what a swamp buddy is and why it’s in the crane machine?

  4. LK says:

    Twilight zone indeed, I walk by that thing every morning, so I guess I’ll be thinking about the Androgenous Soul for as long as I live here. I think that’s good?

    I’ll have to ask about “swamp buddy” jnanarama, but might not be too soon, too expensive there. Thank you for understanding about my ankles, yeah, it’s pretty bad down there. Now I’ve got a doctor…soooo good!

  5. Mary says:

    What a perfect description – “saran-wrapped jelly” – for an awful condition. Are you serious about wanting amputation & a robotic foot?

    I think it’s great you’ve returned to music.

  6. LK says:

    Remember when you broke a bone or had a sprain long ago, Mary, and one day you realized the pain was simply gone, that the wound finally healed?

    That day never arrived for me, unfortunately; like Luke’s replacement hand in Star Wars, I would cherish a robotic foot right now; year after year this pain just gets way old; it’s really been a source of neverending trauma for me.

    Anyways, thanks about the music, I excel there, so maybe I can find some balance with my writing.

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