Target & Schwinn: The Case of the Boxed Tires


I spent a few extra minutes, more than my usual lot of time with regard to shopping for bike accessories, looking for tires at a Target to replace the badly worn ones currently occupying the rims. After a few aisle scans, I began to think Target didn’t sell tires anymore, until I took an exclusively closer look, and this is when I learned that the tires they sell are now packaged in boxes. WTF? This, being the Cro-Magnon shopper that I am, with the added component of being just plain male, was my instant reaction. All sorts of alarm bells went off in my mind with regard to the absurdity of packaging tires in a box, in conjunction with my common and basic knowledge of rubber-physics, which invariably told me that by packaging the tires in a box, the inside span of the tire would be stretched out, and thus virtually impossible to install. My gut feeling on the matter was utterly correct. The tire on the right is what this looks like in comparison to how it should:


A special tool may exist to wrestle the tire onto the rim, but this tool shouldn’t have to exist. As it stands, I went to try and install the tire, and as I got one edge into the rim, the edges following would subsequently pop out as I went along. I did very well at containing my anger about the matter, keeping my level of cussing down to a bare minimum for the sake of the neighbors. But I have to say that the guy at Target and Schwinn marketing who decided to start selling bike tires in a box is not a friend of mine.

This all led me to start wondering about “why” they decided to do this, and if it has anything to do with “making the aisles more pleasing to the eye,” then I’m going to shit-crap my pants. But this may not actually be the reason, though if I find out it is, I can only equate the need for a cleanlier looking aisle to shop in as the need to appease some particular type of shopper: one who gives a damn about whether or not a row of un-boxed tires might look too shabby to be seen shopping around. This may be a far stretch, but hopefully someone from Target or Schwinn marketing will be doing an internet search, stumble into this post, and explain to me the dire need of cramming bike tires into a box.

Anyways, now I have to return both tires and head to a bike shop that sells normalized tires so I can install the tires without hassle, which isn’t very thrilling seeming how Davis doesn’t have stores like Target and Wal-mart, thus whenever I go to do any of these types of things, I have to drive out of town now.

This post was meant to be searched by Target and Schwinn people.

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