Accidental Time


Accidental time comes from a story I used to tell myself about how God originated and escaped from a race of Gods. In the process of breaking from the circle of power, he accidentally created time. Christian adherents would probably denounce me as a blasphemous for paganizing God himself, but it was just train of thought my mind traveled one day long ago, nothing to get hot and bothered about I hope. If it’s any consolation, I’ve got my guardian angel I’ve been hanging out with lately.



I think blogging is bringing my mood into a different perspective. I’ve been doing well, but I’ve also made a couple of mistakes. I’m really hard on myself with regard to mistakes; I’ve made so many. Maybe Buster understands and wants to console me; or maybe he just wants some lunchmeat.



As focused as I’d like to say I am, I need to focus more. I plowed through so much coffee this weekend that I think I actually suffered from a coffee hangover. I get lotsa stuff done, assuredly, but sometimes I think coffee reminds me of alcohol and it’s unfriendly payment at the end of a binge. Nevertheless, my focus will come into shape, as I get aggravated by matters that grow out of control for me if my focus de-centers; I’m finally attaining a semblance of adjustment to my surroundings, so maybe I’ll get creative with something. Maybe. I think, honestly, I’m still thunderstruck. Bittersweet living is rough. When I get smiles from the beautiful people that work here, I feel the happy-contagion, and I press forward…on my computer science studies, too…




Chinese Halloween is upon us as well. Keep a good luck charm with you this weekend:

Stack 007

Have a safe Halloween everyone!

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