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One cannot know the horror unless they’ve typed a long series of meaningful words only to have them automatically deleted when the accidental instance of pressing two keys at once prompts the computer to blare across the screen: “Microsoft Word has experienced an error; if you we’re in the middle of something, all data not saved may be lost.” May be?!! The tiny window appears on screen and the document is frozen until clicking the red x, whereupon pressing this red x, all data is subsequently and completely down the toilet. This happened to me once when I was typing a story, and I lost much more than I lost today. I wandered around the room that day feeling the heat across my forehead from how much I was fuming about my painstakingly chosen but nevertheless, lost words. I finally got over that day of doom, but when I reencountered the horror today, in the middle of a paper that’s due in two days no less, I was revisited with feelings of mind-boggling aggravation. I remember the first time, I searched and search for a Microsoft complaint/email department so I could just send a statement that read, “ahhharrggg,” but I never found one. In any case, I finally, after fifteen years of using MS Word, have begun to develop my left pinky finger and my wedding ring finger (yes, the one with no ring on it) to automatically press ctrl-s to save my work after every sentence or two. What a horrifying thing.

In other news, I’m getting through the long, dreadful and lonely nights and tireless hours of quietude and desperation with a bag of tootsie roll lollipops:


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5 Responses to ctrl-s

  1. noranoir says:

    There is a way to go in behind the scenes on Word, and change the frequency of the autosave backups. I would recommend saving it every 1-5 minutes. That way, you don’t lose much. Another thing to try when you get a freeze/error is to hit the Print Screen button, and at the very least, whatever is visible on the screen with be like a snapshot. Open a new Word doc and hit control v, and there the snapshot will appear. You’ll have to retype it, of course, but the ideas and words you lost will at least be there for the summoning. Or at least whatever portion of it was visible on the screen at the moment.

    BTW- I love tootsie pops. It was my oral fixation in college prior to taking up smoking. Usually it works the other way around, but not in my case. I used to buy a case at a time. I had them handy when I needed something to twirl in my hand or mouth, to give to a friend, to feel fun and fancy free. No one can take themselves too seriously when they have one of those sticks hanging from their mouths.

  2. LK says:

    My digital camera acted as my snapshot here, but ctrl-v is a new one. Maybe I’ll just ctrl the entire alphabet and see what else I’m missing.

    I’m the type that needs sugar injection, so I was eating mini-milky-ways, but I switched to these to try and cut down. I probably won’t start smoking, though none of these are that bad…but health news is overrated these days…

  3. woowooteacup says:

    Sorry for your loss of words. The same sort of thing has happened to me often enough that I constantly save and backup data. That’s been a lifesaver.

    I, too, love the Tootsie Pops, mostly the red ones. I don’t have the patience to lick and lick to the center. Instead I tend to bite into the sucker after a few licks and get to the chocolaty middle. Num!

  4. LK says:

    This is cause for a round of virtual tootsie pops for all and everyone, on the house. (I think everyone in the entire world crunches into those things Mary..)

  5. noranoir says:

    I am the exception then. I plant those sugar bombs in between my teeth and cheek and let’m melt long and slow. When the tootsie is finally exposed, it is then I bite. What purpose does a stick serve if the candy was meant to be chewed up immediately?

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