Blurring Right Along

Stack 019

I went for a ride to break up the weekend and I stumbled into The Domes. This little community is like something right out of Sleeper, and they get down on environmental living. I saw people tending gardens and loading compost into their back yards, and I thought of my life in terms of possibly growing dreadlocks, stocking up on tye-dye, and acquirning one of those wide-brimmed, leather hats. I don’t know how could handle living inside the actual dome though, the living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen are all in the same room.

Stack 022

Stack 017

I have a small video clip of life at my old place, with all of the attendant transients hanging out in front of my house, so my experience with these types has been a negative one for a long time. So imagine how disgruntled this hard-working and homeless guitar player felt when I took his pic without giving him money. He made it known, verbally. I felt terrible about the situation, and he must have thought I was some kind of a serious jerk. I changed all that after I marched on down the street, hit the convenience store, and brought back some cash for him. Discernment is unfortunately a necessary tool when dealing with the homeless.

Stack 009

Gotta run everyone, keep checking back, I’ll get here with some news and stuff and things eventually…

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