Wrap Up


I finally made an attempt to attend a football game, but my mind was dissuaded by the lack of student tickets; I was too late. I vow to get to a game before I leave, just because. I might be attending a basketball game, both women’s and men’s, but for now, I was only able to get a shot of these Cal Poly girls tossing their guns into the air. My camera is terrible at getting action shots, but this one is not too bad. The baton twirler bending over there, she had her baton going waaaay up there, and every time I went to snap the shot, the digital just didn’t connect; these $100 digital cameras have a delay…they sort of mope along when snapping the shot. The strange thing for me when I was in the process of taking this shot was the tension of rivalry between UCD and Cal Poly. I haven’t been exposed to much, intense team heckling in my time, not since high school, so when my fellow Aggies walked by, bombarding these green clad college kids with loud boos, I was a bit startled by the negativity. Of course it’s all in good fun, but I made the observation taking into consideration the aggressive way in which they seemed to extend the intimidation.

I could have paid for a ticket, but I thought of my studies and headed to the library instead.


I found a quiet spot with internet access in this four story library, but we are open to the public as well, apparently, seeming how as soon as I sat and grew immersed in my study, a homeless looking woman came and sat…right directly next to me. I mean, look at all the other spaces here! She opened noisy plastic bags and munched on food and the whole ordeal made me have to move. She soon left, but she had to have been computer literate because she left some you-tube video playing, the subject of which I cared not.


The old books and the old printing presses were of some interest to me since I have to create a tract on the history of publishing and the future of in the digital age.


I thought of my blogging buddy in New York when I saw this picture and I smiled and told myself, I have to get a picture of this and share. Nudity is beautiful in all of its shapes and forms, can anyone disagree? For more on all things art, click the link for a venture into the life of an art model.


I get aggravated when attending events by myself, but this will have to change because I get these notices in the mail all the time now, and I plan to attend. I will break more chains and I will climb more mountains because I want to hear poets read poetry. One of my favorite actresses is a poet, and she reads on tours, too; follow this link enough and you end up with a video of her reciting her work. Her name is Amber Tamblyn and she does quite remarkable with her work as a professional poet.


My ventures in the library also brought me to a book I hadn’t expected to encounter, so I checked out:


The search term was French short horror stories, but this will do. I thought of a friend in Holland when I checked the book out, and after perusing the introduction, I realized Belgium and Holland are two entirely different modes of culture and country. There’s a rift going on there I never knew of, and even though the description of a vampire wondering about contaminated blood places the stories toward satire, the line up is long, and so maybe a few of the stories might entice my appetite for something queasy to read. I need queasy because when I read inspiring, I get inspired only to wake up from those inspirations like waking out of a dream, back into the dreadful, unemployed and single life.




I’m finding my first few months here to be interestingly filled with socialist propaganda, both in the classroom and on the campus. This flier is posted outside of a class that teaches Marxist philosophy, a required class. I don’t know what to make of all this, but I know the class is immersed in French philosophy, philosophy that is replete with deep, heavy, socialist thought. Since the philosophy is used to analyze literature, we have to know what is going on with these radicalized methods of thinking, and we use the French Socialist Paradigm of 20th Century Criticism because after WWII, America wanted very little to do with communism, socialism, facism, etc., anything to do with heavy government control over the people. Socialism scares me the more I learn, but I understand the apologists who defend socialism because they are concerned/aggravated/upset/fearful of the entrepreneur who gets on a streak and makes too much money. The capitalist gamble is simple: if the person lavishing in success expends energy on sharing his wealth with others who aren’t as successful, socialists are happy; if said person reintegrates his wealth back into his own company, socialists begin to complain about the behavior by taking note of gaps in societal class. What to do, what to do about the people?

In other news, I had some films I’ve been able to see over the past few months, and my plea to all women who may encounter this blog: Please o please Do Not watch Grace! I watched it so you didn’t have to, and it is, it’s truly disturbing. Oddly enough, the cast is mostly women, so the what the psychology of the actresses participating is strange to ponder here.


Drk Cntry

Dark Country takes a look into the all-too-real world and fate of those who get caught up in the game of sin city, Las Vegas. The movie is classified as “Noir,” and I can roll with that. The movie is conceptual, oddly hopeful, and ultimately sad when one ponders the nature of people who can’t find healthier ways to lift themselves out of a rough time in life.


Orphan is well-acted, well-filmed, and acutely haunting with respect for the option of adopting an older child. Engaging to the last, Esther the twelve year old child tantalizes the audience with an extravagant foreign accent, but be forewarned, she knows a little more than how to play Tchaikovsky on the piano.


The Local is my kind of film, very inspiring in a formidable way. The story unfolds in Brooklyn, New York, and depicts the life of people who simply grow up immersed in the world of crime among some of the uglier streets in the city. Morality seeps in through the tangle of grime and ill-woven street circumstances, but what else is good about the movie are the actors, all of which, while mostly unknown, do excellent at depicting how messed up life can be when one gets involved with the wrong people. Best advice to follow after watching a film like this: stay in school, go to college, meet someone nice and tell them and show them how much you love them as much as possible for the rest of your life.

I guess that’s my wrap up for this week, I wish I could mention how much I love all y’all out there…oh wait, I just did!

See Ya Soon

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