Someone, Take It

Bones and chains represent my madness
My rose drips blood for a reason
Sweet redness so dear to the lips
Tasting revenge is so sweet
My wide eyes wanting
Nothing anymore with wanting love
Love, what was that but
A mere image, a myth?
But vengeance is real
Tangible, pliant, steadfast
Thought crimes of punishment
And anyone, all those involved
Swirling clouds of disaster
Spinning above my head
My eyes piercing the depths
Into what you did to me
Some things dissipate
Some things vanish from sight
Some things fade away forever
Except for the pain of that night
I want to toss this vengeance away
Toss it right into the sea
Hatred galore no more
Thoughts of what you did to me
Rain came pouring down
I left your womb clinging
You set me down outside the wall
Left for the madman to retrieve
Where are you I want to forgive
Tortured my thoughts they will fly
Insist you to remain hidden
Wondering who you are and why
From all the bruises abused
From all the psychological terror
From all I went through without you
Mother, someday I will find you
When you gave away
You gave with the gift
Specter and the shadow
The dreadful dog of loneliness
Your night with him made me
Weren’t you the happy one
Together then you learned
Me, product of your lust
Your lack of honor for me
You left me to a wolf
Your night with him though
Did that make you happy?
Poetry delight and tasty
Falling off the edge of my thoughts
The edge of insanity into oblivion
Losing revenge is not for me
If heaven is like this
To go thus I want not
But pray for me someone, somewhere
That true love is not lost

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