Events of the Day

I woke up and checked emails after taking a shower.

I read Stevenson on the bus through a foggy ride.

I practiced piano up until the moment when class began, where we were then lectured on the difference between intelligible and active bodies (blah, and this is the first teacher whom I’ve encountered…does not like me; not everyone is meant to like each other).

I received my first, vocalized compliment ever from an instructor concerning the nature of my contributions to his class, to which my ears were a bit startled for a moment (this guy is the nicest little old man on the planet!).

I had conversation with a young woman I met during the summer about how well she and her fiancé seem to be getting on here in town, with consideration for his success at finding a job finally.

I stood in line at financial aid to gain more information on the state of financial terror I live in (and of course, the news was…never mind).

I had a pensive, quiet bus ride home in the winter afternoon, watching the fields roll by in the cool distance from the sun.

I made conversation with the lady at the taqueria about how well they work under pressure since the place seems always to be jammed packed.

After eating lunch, I am now writing about the obliterating excitement that unfolds in my life, on a daily basis even; I hope everyone had their seatbelts on for that one (some interesting things are actually in store for the winter session however, stay tuned if you’re able).

After I finish watching Terminator: Salvation, I will get busy with preparing for the last week of my first quarter here; I have much to do.

When I was 17, I had no idea life would be like this when I got to this age.

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6 Responses to Events of the Day

  1. noranoir says:

    I like the part about how the taqueria lady is so busy, but she still took time out of her day to have a quick chat, and that it was significant enough to you to bear mentioning.

    • LK says:

      This happens to me almost exclusively with blogs I read, Nora, where I am reading along, and some group of words–the situation they describe–will poke at me with the most startling clarity. Kind of a cool feeling I must say. Never thought I’d be the one providing the inspiration though.

      The taqueria: I am becoming known down there, they make the greatest food!

  2. woowooteacup says:

    What did you imagine life would be like at this age?

    That first photo is the very picture of obliterating excitement – truly. What is going on there?

    And woohoo! to the nicest little old man on the planet for his kind words to you. Which you have just paid forward by blogging that he is the nicest little old man on the planet.

  3. LK says:

    A little different, Mary, lol. The photo is of the lost souls of kids who can’t afford UC because they keep jacking up the rates. Difficult situation, this economical disaster we’re in.

    Nice reading from you!

  4. artmodel says:

    This is all well and good, LK, but the most pressing issue, the most profound and urgent question of the day is this: what did you think of Terminator: Salvation????


  5. LK says:

    Loosely, it was a stompin’ one heck of a blast of terminating madness; complete robotic rocknroll!

    Analytically…there were some issues; I like the stompin’ view much better…

    Thanks for visiting!

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