How Do I Explain?

Hallway view during finals week. I’ve never been exposed to this many subjects occupying hallspace, but I find the matter quite intriguing; the trust here runs…relatively high in this regard as no one seems to be worried about getting trampled by their fellow students. In other regards, bikes are still being stolen, so the campus clearly has a few fiends that lurk. As for the finals week, the plane of vision everywhere is filled with notes and highlighter, with many sheets of paper printed in bright colors that must serve to trigger those evasive memory patterns lying deep within the psyche. I found the finals to be a bit difficult, not because of the material, but because of the quantity; I learned a valuable lesson for my next round of academic madness: I will keep a running file of terms for print, as opposed to waiting for the last week before finals to draw them up. The system here is a bit different, but see how I’ve gone and adapted? I’m even already on my next reading assignment, to which I am relieved. Old English is interesting, but kind of annoying to read. Jane Eyre has some gothic undertones, right up my alley.

I’m also finally returned to psychology, and this in conjunction with the music will make next term a bit more interesting, and very busy. Let’s see what happens next.

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