Dawning of the Age

I have things to do, and the odd schedules of moving from town to town, the issue of having a new sleep/wake schedule every three months, and the prospect of not fully knowing where I’ll end up, or who I’m exactly supposed to be in this wretched world, act as mental obstacles to doing those things. I am more and more used to this, and I find myself leaning toward the writing more than the music, simply because I was unable to obtain an electric piano. This is fine, and I’m eager to set a goal for completion, a certain story that will be prepared for publication in a local magazine.

This is the extent of the excitement on this end, though I did experience a blackout:

I lit candles and dove into my Jane Eyre reading, and I thought of Abe Lincoln as I read by the candlelight. Didn’t he experience a ton of rejection before finally succeeding? If so, maybe I can use him as my model for success. I have a way with manic depression that is frustrating and requires much discipline to control and move forward, a problem I think could easily be removed by holding hands with someone every once in a while; an act that is not complicated and doesn’t demand perfection and analysis; an act that is free and comes from a effortless urge to simply let someone know you care; an act that…okay, I’ve made my point, and if I’m lucky, maybe this age will arrive someday, but for now, I’ve got my complications, struggles for perfections, and my analyses to consider…

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2 Responses to Dawning of the Age

  1. woowooteacup says:

    Do I understand you correctly, LK? Are you preparing a piece for publication? Has it already been accepted? If so, congratulations!

  2. LK says:

    When I say local, I mean like, school campus local, lol, but thank you, and you’re right…it’s a start.

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