High Fullutent?

After a five minute search where I attempted to learn the true meaning of “High Fullutent,” I ultimately and finally found the actual meaning documented at Answers.com:

Highfalutin is one word, not two, and means “pompous or pretentious.” [Origin unknown.]

E.g. “Someone seriously needs to get those highfalutin bastards out of office.”

(REGIONAL NOTE: H.L. Mencken, in his famous book The American Language, mentions highfalutin as an example of the many native U.S. words coined during the 19th-century period of vigorous growth. Although highfalutin is characteristic of American folk speech, it is not a true regionalism because it has always occurred in all regions of the country, with its use and popularity spurred by its appearance in print. The origin of highfalutin, like that of many folk expressions, is obscure. It has been suggested that the second element, -falutin, comes from the verb flute-hence high-fluting, a comical indictment of people who think too highly of themselves.)


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3 Responses to High Fullutent?

  1. geogypsy says:

    Thank you kindly.

  2. julie says:

    and here I was hoping they were opposed to people with excess gas… high flatulent…

  3. Afoust50 says:

    Here is the story I’ve always heard. The term comes from the days of traveling on a big steam boat. The big columns that release smoke on top of the boats were called “flutes.” Same as today, the most expensive tickets on a large boat are closer to the top deck, so the rich and potentially “pompous or pretentious” we’re said to be “High-fluting.”

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