Casting for a Genius

I’m kind of fumbling over my words these days when I wish people Merry Christmas. I knew that one girl was Jewish, but I didn’t think about this when the greeting emerged from my lips, so I have some work to do in the holiday etiquette arena. I have lots of other things to work on too, but this is just something I have to pile on top of it all. I don’t think I ever used to worry about this sort of thing, but the look I got from the girl, I gathered maybe I should further adjust my persona for the world at large.

I’ve been spending some time resting and thinking, and I’ve done some reading and movie watching, and I’m about on day four of this routine. The bike is calling me and I’m getting psychologically geared to go for some wintry bike rides. I’m faced with all sorts of issues with this town and leases and agreements and rooms and on and on, that I’m about through with the world. Like Kravitz would put this: I want to fly, into the sky, like a dragonfly…

So I’ve got more of my stuff marked for deletion, and the videos are no exception; everything must go so that I can pack what I little I do own into a few boxes. The more I learn to live on the run like this, the more I can be prepared for the fact that I probably won’t have a decent place to live for at least four or five years, if I even get that lucky. Me and luck have been struggling in our relationship, but I have my determination to counter all this. But not having that much luck is actually a good thing because I’m thinking this is why I never became a compulsive gambler. Other than that, most of these movies are only semi-important, and don’t fall into the “must keep” category, so I’m not really losing anything but another heavy box to cart around on my next move.

The air is kind of chilly, and I’ve got a cup of decaf calling; Hope every one is well in internet land today!

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2 Responses to Casting for a Genius

  1. woowooteacup says:

    The easiest holiday greeting to default to when you aren’t sure what a person celebrates is Happy Holidays. I don’t mind when people wish me a Merry Christmas, even though I’m agnostic and feel more attuned to the solstice. The one thing I don’t appreciate is when Christians politicize Christmas by claiming that no one will allow them to celebrate it and only it within this country. Somehow, I don’t think Jesus would approve of that. We have room for lots of holidays.

    Happy holidays to you, LK!

  2. LK says:

    I’m falling into that default, slowly but surely Mary. For me, I think changing the default is difficult, in that just by applying this change of wording, the old ways are still so close; in 50yrs, this won’t matter anymore.

    There are a range of Christians that abuse applying the “persecution” complex, but it only adds to the stain they already seem to have acquired, as persecution is not quite the same these days. Personally, I think Christianity looks very wholesome sometimes, I just can’t seem to adjust to the “bow to the invisible deity” part. But JC Sprstr always gets me in the gut.

    Happy Holidays!

    (i’m getting the hang already…)

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