Settling Matters

This is about as good as the Christmas cheer gets on the bloggy here, though I have some other things in store if I can just manage to complete them. The idea is finally complete, so now…just fill in the blanks; it’s that simple.

Here are the holiday drinking facts in case anyone forgets; I avoid drinking, but you never know by reading that maybe one will remember an article of fact to relay to another who might not know, right?

I had the feeling like I was going to be able to do more over the break, and then everything began to pile on like bills in a mailbox. And that’s really what this is all about, the money. Aside from three stories I’d hoped to finish, I am completing my Jane Eyre work in advance because the next quarter will be super crazy, and I never know what is going to happen, other than much will be happening; hopefully some of these will be good things; but mostly just plain stressful. I hope I can build and stick to a better schedule as moving here threw me for a shock that I’m still feeling the effects. I’ve now slept for a few days, and I pondered on matters while reading and writing, and my o my how the time passes, when everything is backed up right up my ass again. Life is like that and keeps everyone on their toes; what else would I be doing?

Most of the books are going to donation, but that’s okay too. Remember when there was something in your life you couldn’t stand the thought of losing, but as time pressed on, and things just took on a different perspective, and then all of the sudden losing that thing didn’t really matter that much anymore, because you were caught up with a new range of feelings? That’s what donating most of my book collection is like; what do I even need these for when all they do is weigh me down? I don’t need to be weighed down, I need to be lifted up, and the lighter I am, the easier the process. Collections may do for later in life, but for now, it’s on the go, and now that I’ve given them away, I feel oddly refreshed.

So the moral to this story is that being busy is the way of the world, and to do what one wants, one has to stay busy in order to do them. Maybe I’m rationalizing away, but this is how my life is unfolding. I see myself as this rider through the desert now, never fully situating, but more or less on the road (as I think I have to move again), always packing, never staying in solid with friends; and so each place is so temporary that I’m always ready to go; and the world can look out, because I’m out there, on the road. (That sounds wicked…maybe a Harley Davidson is in order, but I’m a terrible rider, so that won’t work…I think what I’d really like is an RV…yes!) After I’m done schooling here, my MA applications go all over the West Coast…or East Coast, or maybe the entire country, but someone’s going to have to take me; hopefully they’ll be prepared.

So to be politically correct for all who arrive: Happy Holidays!

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