Tale of Myth

The moment was sublime and full of glorious splendor when, after scaling the steepest of all cliffs, Young Hero raced to claim Young Princess all for his own. Countless others had fallen to a treacherous death by their attempts for her love, but Young Hero’s tireless pursuit had proven the worthy exception. Bound by a love that transcended time itself, their inevitable reunion transpired by the sheer essence of desire passing from one life to the next. If such a couple was destined to remain throughout the infinities and the eternities, only the lovers embracing upon the cliff top on that drizzly day could claim this throne of passion, for theirs was a love so intermixed and entwined with the spiral of divine virtue, that not even the gods themselves could dare to keep them apart.

Reeling in their joy, Young Hero brought Young Princess to a wooded realm where the trickling creek waters and the plentitude of nature would endow the necessary sustenance to begin a new life. One day shortly after their arrival, a hawk landed on a branch at camp and pronounced: “The two of you are not of the same particulars in this life. You are not allowed to be together, by the sacred order of natural human policy & thought.” “Preposterous,” Young Hero retorted, and Young Princess felt a pang of consternation unfold in her bosom. “It is not my office to make the law, only to deliver the message,” stated the foul bird before it flew off into the forest.

Sensing discomfort by this dreadful news, Young Hero swore they would make nothing of the unfounded claim, yet as he did so, through the trees, he saw an incoming band of gnarled humans. “They are come to separate us! Lady Grika!” Young Hero had uttered the one utterance that was allowed only once in a life, and by this summons, a wretched woman strolled up to them, offering her services for whatever he may desire: “But it will cost you one stroke of chance, to be redeemed by me at a time of my choosing.” “But what of this stroke of chance, what will it be?!” questioned the worried Young Hero. “That is not for you to know; but quickly!…you must act now!” Young Hero looked into the eyes of Young Princess, imploring for the ugly woman to save them from the impending doom now approaching with frightful speed. “As you wish,” the woman assured. A burst of faeries issued from her palms, spreading their faerie dust all before the incoming mob, serving to confuse them. “Now go downstream, together, and enter the opening at the White Wall!” And before Young hero could ask more, the haggardly woman vanished into thin air.

Leaving behind the faerie melee, the couple traversed downstream where they found the White Wall and the opening as told. Upon attempting to enter, however, an odd sounding voice asked: “And just where do you two think you are going?” Discerning the source of this voice, the lovers found a strange dwarf whose face shifted in between various physiognomies as it spoke. “Lady Grika has told us to enter the opening at the White Wall.” “Mmm,” the dwarf said, “and did she not mention the charge for entering?” “No, she did not, for she vanished as quickly as she appeared.” “You must defeat the giant beast in order to pass safely.” A giant beast emerged from the dirt behind them, its giant fangs filled with drool. Young Princess grew petrified, wondering if their union would be ever be safe, and with a soft groan of despairing impatience, rushed into the opening without Young Hero, where he faced the hideous beast alone. “Your love has passed unauthorized, and now your strength will be weakened,” said the dwarf, and the beast quickly snatched Young Hero up and placed him high in a tree.

“Answer me a question before I eat you,” the beast said, “How will man’s vanity save him in the end?” Young Hero thought this over, and replied while grasping on to a branch to keep from falling, “Man’s vanity cannot save him, for it is man’s vanity that in and of itself, dooms him.” Here a loud, voracious roar filled the air; the gust from its breath was so strong that Young Hero lost his footing and fell from a great height. The beast devoured branches and snarled, closing in on Young Hero lying shaken on the ground, yet one by one, its limbs began to fall away from its body in magical ways that transformed these parts into dissipating, disembodied voices that told him to enter the cave with speed, before his love misplaced her footsteps into the acid pool hidden in the darkness.

Young Hero raced forth, plunging into the opening, running with very little light to guide him until he was surrounded by darkness. Standing still for a moment within the cavernous tunnel, he thought he heard a faint yelling that was Young Princess. Poised with the terrorizing thought of her feet burning in acid, he fumbled onward till an orange glow could be discerned. Eventually he found a room where a man shrouded in black stood before his love as she lie strapped to a stone table. “Unhand her,” Young Hero cried, storming to the table. Yet she, like the parts of the beast, began to dissipate into the sound of voices, and the facially disfigured, shrouded man stated with a giggly, nefarious voice, “Your love has never been here, but now, aha, you will never find her, for she has lost her way to the Plains of Infinity, where only the secret crystal can bring her back.” “Where do I find this crystal, and how do I get to the plains of infinity?” “These questions are pointless, for you are going to die, hahaahahaaha…,” and the floor quickly began to fill with bubbling acid. The shrouded man retreated, but with a lunge, Young Hero evaded the encroaching pool of death and barely managed to detain his enemy, demanding to know how to reclaim his love. Pinned to the wall and recognizing his defeat, the shrouded man replied, “Only a god can deliver the secret crystal…something a poor peasant like you will never find, ahaha…” His laughing now growing hysterical, Young Hero flung the shrouded man into the pool only seconds before the deadly liquid claimed him as well. Now faced with being trapped, he sought the path the shrouded man was to take, and found that it led him to a room of mirrors, where the bright sky shone through a small aperture in the ceiling above.

Young Hero thought of the gods, knowing not how to summons one. Mirrors reflected his consternation while the sulfurous smell of acid drifted in from where he entered. He thought the noxious smells to be dangerous, and he thought himself to be drifting into a death-dream. A sensuous woman entered his thoughts, and he found himself in a dreamlike state, captive to her clutches. “I read your thoughts, and I find it is a god you seek.” “I seek a god for the purposes of finding the crystal that will recover my love from the Plains of Infinity.” “But I have all the love you will ever need, here in the rooms of my palace,” and before Young Hero, the seductress lie in a silken white dress upon a white bed with silken sheets, her jet black hair flowing down the edges of her soft brown shoulders. “You are not my love, and you cannot bring me the happiness she brings,” Young Hero declared. “But with her, you will only find a thousand hardships that will forever accompany the time you seek together.” “It is our love that carries us through our hardships.” “Fetid creature!…Do you not find me irresistible?!” “I know not a desire for you, for my desire seeks my Young Princess, and her alone.” A crystal was produced between the palms of her hands, and she demanded he share this love with her, or the crystal would be crushed by her anger. Young Hero thought the problem through, and slowly he crawled into the lavish and luxurious bed, and the nymph could not help but laugh. He engaged her, he caressed her, he kissed her, and caught in the reigns of his feigned, sultry onslaught, she forgot of the crystal in a spell of climactic sensuality. Here Young Hero snatched the crystal into his hand, squeezing tightly should she try and pry it from him. “You dare! I am the goddess of lust, and I aaaaalways get my way!” Her eyes turned to solid marble and electricity emitting from her fingers jolted him, but he held the crystal with all of his might, his thoughts bent toward Young Princess with such passion, that he was tossed into the open spheres, and the decrepit goddess seared with fury by his departure.

Young Hero was catapulted into dimensions stretching over seas of time, where his hopes became victims of despair. Hurtling through cosmic landscapes and empty vacuums of nothingness, he thought he’d lost his chance of undying happiness forever, and still clutching the crystal within his hands, the melancholy affected him so, that a solitary tear dripped from his eye before he resigned to the fate handed him. In this moment, the tear brushed the edge of the crystal, all movement ceased, nothingness vanished into earthly substance, and he found himself standing upon the Plains of Infinity. Pillars shot into the sky at elongated intervals, a beaming sun lit sandy floors with bright white, and in the distance, Young Princess stood looking at him, her hair blowing in the warm wind.

The crystal no longer existed, yet he noted Young Princess as unmoving yet awaiting. He ran, and he ran fast while she seemed forever to stay at a distance. He ran faster and faster, and she stayed equally as far at all times, calling for him to hurry. His frustration abounding by this scheme, he recalled the habit of the gods to toy with humans, and he shouted to the sky, “Why must the gods of infinity forever trifle with the finite nature of man, all for the glory of their selfish amusements!?” The ground began to crumble and a void opened between the lovers, where the distance between them lessened as the earth converged, and as he saw they were falling, Young Hero struggled to reach out to her, utterly ignoring all aspects of danger. In midair, the world falling completely apart around them, the certain end so closely in sight, the two gazed at each other, oblivious to the chaos unfolding. The love in their eyes pierced through the tumult, and their hearts beat in unison with seeming volume, and before all could be said for the conclusion of their lives, their fingers finally touched. Young Princess felt her body surge with the power of his love for her, and he took her in his arms as they fell. Though they faced the end of it all, they were curiously safe together in their final embrace.

Rapturous winds swirled around their bodies and elements dissipated until all seemed at its final conclusion, and with their eyes closed, only feeling the tightness of each other’s arms, their bodies transformed into spirits. Young Hero suddenly found himself gazing on Young Princess plucking the pedals of a dandelion as she stood in the grass of an open field. He felt his heart beat with joy, and she looked to him, expressing a smile and a laugh, and the verdure stretching between them became their bed. Lying with each other, and talking of how they overcame the dreadful spectacle of obstructions to their love, the sudden presence of an old, haggardly woman appeared to cast an unsuspecting shadow. “Lady Grika!” exclaimed Young Hero, “I have not called!” Young Princess turned affrighted, and the old witch spoke in a cutting tone, “I have come by our one stroke of chance, for this, is the way of the world,” and she filled the air with a chant that demanded payment. Young Hero grew with anger, but his efforts to protest were met with the closing clouds of the sky, and the last he heard were the words of the wretched hag as she produced a powerful thunderbolt:

“If for this love you live for shall be, seek forever, the cliff tops of the sea.”

And so lost to another time, bound by this torturous spell, the Young Princess atop the seaside cliff did she sing, calling for the love of Young Hero to set her free, from the restlessness that was certain to haunt her, from the day of his fated departure, unto the day until he found her again.

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