Clawing For Time

When I forfeit even the slightest amount of time to rest for an evening amid these hectic days, I end up paying, one way or another. In any case, I managed a viewing of The Time Traveler’s Wife, and I couldn’t quite get into it. Something about Bana’s character was a pinch too perfect maybe, and I couldn’t resolve to myself exactly how a person who keeps flipping in and out of time could stay put long enough to get a job at a prestigious library. I felt the throng of chick-flick-ness during the viewing, and I made out the connection between my inability to stay interested in this movie with the same lack of zeal I experienced during the The Notebook (…ughhheeeckk).

The movie is well acted though, and scenes like him visiting his daughter alive before she’s born are rather strange; creative, indeed. I felt for the poor girl/wife who kept having her moments interrupted by his vanishing antics. I read an article about the author of this book, however, and found that she put a tremendous amount of work into the writing. That I can understand, with all the time flipping, and maybe someday I may perform a reading. In any case, there’s something about this movie that makes me want to draw up the definitive list on exactly what being a great guy really means, because Bana is like, THE Great Guy, his only disadvantage being, that he keeps disappearing and reappearing somewhere else…which is probably great for all the girlies out there watching because he’s nude every time he reappears. Blah.

To resuscitate myself from that lack-luster escape, I took a nostalgic trip down weirdo 70s movie lane. I picked the movie out for the mystic cover of a ghost-girl lurking in the woods, this being less of a factor than the supreme, choice movie title–produced in quotation marks even:

I had not even realized the movie was from the 70s until I popped it in the player, and thought to myself, “What a pleasant surprise!” The movie landed in my lap at a strange juncture in time, as I had just finished watching a recently made 70s homage movie called The House of the Devil, and so watching this true to life 70s movie came with a sense of comfort (we horror buffs are like that..).

The movie title/plot obviously worked, and as this end clip reveals, Jessica was scared, but only nearly to death, as she is seen still alive floating adrift in this row boat. I thought I might have been frustrated when I saw how old the movie was, but I was pleasantly pleased by its stark weirdness, and thus stayed attentive to learn the secret of what scared poor Jessica out of her wits. But I won’t reveal that just in case any of y’all die-hard 70s horror movie fans figure out you haven’t seen this one yet.

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