What I Watched, Read, and Did This Week

  • Read Joyce’s The Boarding Room
  • Discovered how much easier life is with a parking permit
  • Finished work on Austen’s Free Indirect Discourse technique
  • Analyzing poetry from a professional perspective (inadvertently)
  • Learned value of a moderate anti-depressant
  • Performed a viewing of Julie&Julia
  • By contrast, watching The Riverman prompted a read on Bundy, Ridgway, and The Ripper (in conjunction with schizophrenia/psychopathology studies: PSYCH 101)
  • Initiated paper on The novel and the emotions they invoke
  • Actually incorporated time in on my project
  • Thought about uncertainty of my future
  • Went apartment hunting again
  • Made some blog rounds, thought about my blog because of the Julie movie
  • Changed catridge on printer
  • Career Searched
  • Learned about Multiple Sclerosis
  • Performed thorough file clean-up on computer (what a mess that was, reading through old files I saved for no reason)
  • Ate bagel sandwiches and soup lots
  • One McDonalds breakfast at 6am
  • Wondered excessively about you
  • Filled out survey for college chancellor
  • Interacted with two professors, one of them about to receive her PhD
  • Plotted summer school schedule
  • Re-watched The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Slept through odd dreams I wish some of them would come true sometimes
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