What Is It About Love?

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Thinking of you makes me want to do cartwheels and jump around.
Sometimes I can’t think straight and I forget about what I’m doing when I walk into a room.
When I’m caught in the gaze of loving you, everyone and everything seems to notice,
Even the birds and the gophers and the bugs, and if a bear was there, he would notice too.
Love makes it so I can’t wait, not a single day further, to tear down walls just to be near you.
I get this strange, buttery melting feeling wondering about seeing you,
…and there’s a way that your love obliterates all my frustrating thoughts.
When we hold hands and we go places, nothing in the world seems beyond reach.
There’s something about loving you that makes life worth living.
Your smile makes me want to shout out loud “YES!” and spike a football.
Something about love that is connected with snoopy dancing I can’t understand.
The thought of losing your love is unbearable,
…and I see why people can’t live without love.
If I walk from one place to another, and I think of you,
I think of the eternity that won’t last as long as my love for you.
Love is the most incredible feeling in the entire universe.
What is it? Is it the way in which your sensibility captivates me,
Or is it the way you read a book with complete content,
…with your eyes fixed on the story?
Is it the way you surprised me with a round of unexpected news,
…or is it because you think of me, just for being plain me?
Is it because love is the one force that conquers over all?

I don’t know what it is about love, but I like it, and I love you.

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4 Responses to What Is It About Love?

  1. noranoir says:

    Has your Winter turned to Spring?! How lovely! ..snoopy dance- funny. Go get’m tiger.

  2. LK says:

    This is a reminiscence, but I promise I wouldn’t keep you wondering; I guess can only say wish me luck, because I don’t rely on anything until I see the facts.

    The JC idea is good actually, and thank you for the reinforcement, this is something, among the others I neglect, that I will cling to I think, and by using the term “baby steps” means that it will eat a my brain till its done. Looking sharp makes people think differently.

    So nice, your visit!

  3. woowooteacup says:

    This is a very sweet piece, LK. My favorite line is …

    ” … and if a bear was there, he would notice too.”

  4. LK says:


    I do have silly side for some strange reason, though after reading this, it almost feels like not even silliness can denigrate the feeling of love…almost enhances it.

    It sure was nice reading from you,


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