The Horseman stomps all over the viewer with memories of Charles Bronson and his penchant for bloodying the wrongdoers that have offended him. Drawn through the realms of porn-thugs, body-built punk worms, and sleaze-bag drug-pushers, I clenched my pillow and gritted my teeth as The Horseman took care of business in every bodily painful way imaginable. The definition of strength is truly defined when considering the ability to lift a 50lb sledgehammer to smash the final and most annoying bad guy after having every bone broken, wrist crushed, teeth smashed, head kicked in, nipples burnt, stomach stabbed, and much more. What a ride that was.

The Book of Eli stars the ever-beloved, the ever-famed Denzel Washington as Eli, a man traversing the post-apocalyptic plains with a purpose. The movie is replete with a host of slow-motion shots of Denzel (Eli) walking and looking tough as hell with sunglasses on, and fight/stunt coordinators make him look like the ultimate badass. Grappling with a story to follow along with, the film is finally blessed with Gary Oldman’s performance, a man who continues to prove he can act like anyone in the world but himself. The movie drags you along, but in the end, made me wonder about the validity of tale-telling and story transference from generation to generation. I’ve always considered the high plausibility for error in my understanding of handing down the word by mouth, but they say it can be done, so I suppose I won’t come down to hard on the ending.

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