Asperger’s Syndrome

Well, I did it. I watched Adam. Now I am convinced I suffer from a minute form of the disease, if it should be so labeled. Asperger’s Syndrome fits on the mild side of Autism, and people diagnosed will live happy lives, providing. While I don’t exhibit nearly the behavior of Adam himself, I have a tendency to think along the lines of his thinking. I’m not socially suave and I fit in terribly with elite conversation. Indeed, I like to note facts, but where my persona fits Adam’s best is when notably, seemingly impolite comments are made without the slightest knowledge of doing so. At work one day a long time ago, a friend told me, after I thought I was saying something funny, “your kind of funny, isn’t that funny.” I thought about that. I act funny, I do funny things, I will dive nose first to save a stranger’s bag from falling out of their hands, but I will sometimes say things that are slightly abnormal. I could write a book about the real reasons for this.

Adam is a guy in a movie that inadvertently gets a beautiful woman in his building to fall in love with him, to which the fiction flowing here could be subject to criticism. Okay, so maybe a beautiful woman can fall for a strange guy for the purity of it all. But he says and does things for the purpose of film art that are intended to resemble Asperger’s. I was a little unsettled by the thought that I could easily find myself saying the same types of things…explaining, in lengthy and great detail the importance of buying the right telescope and promptly stating outloud undesirable facts to loved ones and strangers. I’ve already mentioned my love for proto-stellar cloud formations (mentioned in the previous post where I confused proto-stellar with proto-galactic, to which proto-galactic is actually the birth of the formation of a galaxy), but to see myself so poignantly replete with tiny nuances of impropriety is now very clear. Viewing the movie, I see the unintended way matters unfold, thus for myself, extended measures of self-social-training are in due order to steer myself away from the problem.

What do I have to glean from all this? Adam found a job. If I can get lucky like that, I will work on my self-understanding in this manner when I consider further the elements of my personal life. Adam also exhibits traits that are admirable, and his revulsion to dishonesty is a sight to behold. As for the movie, the end didn’t work for me. All the frustrations I go through, I’m a Austen kind of guy that needs the power of a positive ending in these types of settings. In this way, actually, I felt lucky to realize I don’t really have the disease, because I sense from time to time, that I can feel what love really is.

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