Kettle of Fish

I don’t know if everyone was wondering where the term came from, but I saved y’all the trouble, because I couldn’t find it on the net anywhere.

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2 Responses to Kettle of Fish

  1. carynswark says:

    LOL. Many thanks for researching this!

  2. LK says:

    Well, I read your blog a lot, and I remembered that post, from a long time ago. So my uncle was talking about obscure sayings, and then pulled that book right out…so I was like, “wouldn’t happen to know what a kettle of fish is, would ya?”

    He dug through and found it…surprised me too.

    Anyways, it was my pleasure. Sort of like the vampire that can’t cross a pile of seeda without counting them, I’m the same way with questions like that…

    : P


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