The Soul

What is the soul? According to the writers of Cold Souls, it is a tangible object that can be removed from the body. I found the idea rather intriguing. I wondered about the connection between personality and the soul. Does the soul bear the mark of our behavior, and the personality is the actual behavior? Is the soul a record keeping object? When I did my life-graph, there was a gigantic hole in my life, and I always felt I lost my personality during that time. I remember being vivacious, sprightly, even cocky maybe at times, as many teen boys can become, but somewhere the struggle to survive just made my mind zapped, like I didn’t care about anything anymore. So my personality changed drastically as I was thunderstruck by all these pains, but does that mean my soul suffered? Is the personality the soul, or is the soul a thing?

The movie takes a comic view of the soul and considers how much life would be easier if one could just have it removed. Actors, ballerinas, poets, writers, people in general, they all pay to have their souls removed because life becomes so much easier. What does the soul do that makes life difficult? Does it weigh pain…does it guide our decisions? Is the soul a conscience? Why do so many people in the afterlife want our souls? Paul Giamatti wanders around soulless and decides this isn’t the way to go, and this offers the idea that a person needs a soul to operate. Does a soul make us human then? If I look at the way my life has unfolded, I guess I could say there is a way that certain factors weigh on my soul, causing the loss of personality, and subsequent restructuring of my personality. Various bouts of depression played a factor, and this is a psychological aspect. So the soul is a mind thing such that, the accumulation of memories is what becomes our soul. Right? Does the soul guide our behavior and fill us with the instinct to love, thus separating us from the animals?

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