The Undaunted Pursuer

2:01am. I have been processing the usual round of undergraduate work, and as usual, even though I have daily classes at 8am, I still cannot sleep at night. I am forever nocturnal. I am in class a little groggy, still going on and off again with caffeine, though not as bad as a few months ago, and I sleep when the sun is high in the sky.

My motives seem the same, some of my behaviors have been altered a little, but I think I feel like I am just waiting. I am not living because the things I truly enjoy doing, require money. I am a worker bee, not a social bee. If I go to a bar, I have to play pool, because I can’t just talk and talk and socialize constantly. Even more, I am the researcher type who likes to create, especially with electronics. Electronics are expensive. So I find myself socializing in class sometimes, and what I find is that, as I finally feel I am getting to know someone, the quarter ends and I never see them again. I’ve been here one year, and some of the people I met here have moved already, and I’m sure I will move too. So continually trying to be social with the ebb and tide of people I barely know has never been my thing.

What I do love is how people that I do know well, use friendship as a buffer to acquire things. Hhhaha. You love that, and I just encountered this situation a few days ago. I know well enough, this is the way the world works, so I try to provide what I can.

I have learned a new trick. Instead of writing down all the words on screen in a blur of messy writing, take pictures of the material. That was easy enough to figure out since I’ve had the camera for a few years now. Anyways, I think writing instructors must live on a paranoia factor concerning the influx of bad writing, because I see one of these writing rules and regulations sheets in every English class I take.

Okay, so I’ve got the smooth edge of roundness that equates the body of a 41yr old man. But what can I say, my diet is ever improving.

That picture is a few weeks old, but the stir fry idea did actually set in, and I’m focusing more and more on the all day Sunday cooking activity. I’m going to purchase five more sealable containers for the extreme in instant readiness. One thing I can say about the previous diet, however: it’s the perfect concoction for getting the grade.

I watched Duchovny and Moore’s movie they did together, and I must say, it must be nice being rich actors making movies about rich people doing rich people things. The plot is curious enough, a fake family that is provided with all the finest products in a high scale neighborhood for clandestine sales promoting. Duchovny is refreshing to watch as always, his natural personality not far from some of his characters, but seeing Moore is like…I guess it must be nice to just pop into the actor role and make movies about putting on make up and setting the standard for acting suave amid a financially charged, mixed-sexual community. Forget family values, leave behind your empty wallet, try to laugh at jokes only rich people can understand, and attempt to reconcile yourself with the possibility of experiencing something like a superficial sense of emotion when you go to watch The Joneses.

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