Gonna Have The World On A Plate

The world is in action and the challenges never stop! They come flying at me and I slay them down as they try oppress me. Like vipers and bears of the forest, they engineer their plights to destroy me, but I fight like the bastard hell-child that I am, relentless in my pursuit of success. And to add to this burst of frivolity, I told my homework to take a leap last night while I worked on my own stuff for once! Hhaah!

If I where a bird trapped in a cage or stuck in a glass box, I would probably squeak loudly and peck my beak at the glass too. In fact, that’s kind of how I feel, like a trapped bird. But there’s a big difference between being a tiny bird and being a human being, isn’t there? Is this one of those heavy philosophical questions I should or shouldn’t be asking?

The autumn weather is in full force, and the tender, dried up corn stalks prepare to lie down for the season. Soon the rains will come and wash away all that was productive until a new field of corn arises, and the people will have their sustenance for another blessed year to come. Ah, the cycles of life, how romantic and yet so inexorable it all is.

I wish I could write about something that would make the world fill up with butterflies of joy right now. Hopefully the pictures of the woman painting with a dust broom to the local jazz band will substitute for some of that, she was quite refreshing to observe I must declare. Fact is, I feel like I’m in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a destined ship…water water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink. The sun is beating down without remorse and the specter of gruesome storm clouds lurk deep in the distance, the sound of their rumbling thunder inching closer and closer. Must be time for some rum with the ol’ shipmates!

I feel good about the prospect of eventually docking and mingling with civilization.

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