Falling Embers

It feels like the sky is filled with fiery fragments
Descending rapidly towards the earth
Like a knot is tied deep inside my stomach
Waiting to have my face pelted and marked

It feels like the torrential storms of anger
Are raging like the railing madness
The lost sanity of some stolen love
Spiraling intensly to crack the ground

It feels like the nauseating pall of sickness
That drives the addicted soul rabid
Thunderstruck by the comfort of darkened alleys
Where the fog of dreams linger like intangible specters

It feels like the solemn days gone
Where the past ambles like some abandoned child
Looking for a hand to hold in the sudden emptiness
Forsaken by the rainy, windblown world

The tireless moments stretching from the day
When you found me by myself tells me
That in spite of the flaming embers that fall
I still have to believe we can survive

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