A sign from God?

After a few days of posting my views on religion, I found this on my front door:

It didn’t come to me streaming through a bright silvery opening in the clouds, so I’m not sure what to think.

Since I wasn’t there at the time, I’m not certain these people would want to evangelize me, actually. I never had braces and my teeth look nothing close to the pristine dental work of these fine Christians pictured in the flyer. The longer I live, the more it looks like I chew on bicycle chain and barbed wire to impress people.

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2 Responses to A sign from God?

  1. got2havefaith says:

    Yeah. They look perfect don’t they. That’s the funny thing ’cause none of us are perfect. Maybe someone is trying to tell you something or maybe it’s just a really nicely designed card…

  2. LK says:

    That’s funny you mention the card itself, I’m having difficulty throwing it away cause it’s so nice and high-class and smooth and sheen.

    Thank you for visiting…

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