November 22, 1963

I was in class over the summer, and my psychology teacher, this old man who was seriously really old, said something about how Lee Harvey Oswald’s psychological problems probably aided in his decision to assassinate President Kennedy on this day in 1963.

And I’m like, “What!”

Do people still believe that Oswald was able to nail the president from that obscure direction, in that amount of time; all those shots, with that piece of crap single bolt action gun, with all that accuracy? Zapruder got the whole thing on film for Jimeney’s sake.

(Sorry if you believe this is the truth, but it’s something I can’t roll with myself, and that’s not based on Oliver Stone’s viewpoint either.)

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5 Responses to November 22, 1963

  1. limey says:

    People who have never even fired a gun before have been shown how to use the type of rifle LHO used and then managed to fire off the right number of shots within the right timeframe.

    Professionals have even demonstrated that the accuracy and rapidity displayed is possible.

    So, yeah, I believe it and you should to.

  2. LK says:

    Thank you for sharing Limey.

    Your comment posits the notion of plausibility, which is to say that if it was plausible he was able to pull that kind of firing activity with such accuracy, then it’s plausible that others were involved to make damned sure the president did not survive.

  3. limey says:

    Using that logic you could pretty much posit that anything is plausible. However, plausible is not good enough, you need evidence to back it up.

    The point I was making is that, despite claims to the contrary, not only was LHO capable of firing all the shots, he actually was the sole shooter.

  4. LK says:

    Thanks for sharing again, Limey.

    As for plausibility, one cannot just say that God himself snubbed Kennedy, because it’s just not plausible. Conspiracies to kill leaders, on the contrary, has been happening for as long as history as been documented and will happen again, sadly enough as it is, which makes a conspiracy against Kennedy entirely plausible.

    As for evidence, the need for evidence cuts both ways on the “sole shooter” argument as well.

    As I see it for you, he was the sole shooter because that’s your opinion, and it’s a very strong one indeed. I’m glad you are sharing it here on the blog.

  5. limey says:

    Indeed their have been many conspiracies to kill leaders, the question in this case is; apart from LHO, was their anyone else in on it?

    I have looked at evidence on both sides and my conclusion is in line with those who say LHO was the sole shooter.

    Did you question your teacher to ask why he believes it was only LHO?

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