Make It Stop!

On January 10, 2011, I acquired some bacterial infection that caused me to lose my equilibrium every time I tried to move. I nearly fell over in the bathroom after getting out of the shower one day. As the symptoms began to subside, suddenly my throat began to feel scratchy, and now, my nose is running like water out of the tap and I feel like a burlap sack filled with sand and sodden by a muddy riverside.

I’ve been out of it for almost two weeks now, and it feels like it doesn’t want to go away.

Goodbye cruel world, I guess I’m dying.

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One Response to Make It Stop!

  1. woowooteacup says:

    Oh, dear! I hate it when an illness takes hold and then decides to take its sweet time to leave. Feel better soon, LK. (That’s an order for you nasty little bugs to leave now!)

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