Sickness Update

I had suffered from two different infections. The first one targeted my equilibrium. I didn’t have sniffles and a scratchy throat, but I was dizzy when I moved in different directions. The feeling was absolutely terrible. When I finally felt better from that, a scratchy throat settled in. I know from experience what this means. In a few days my nose was runny and I would sneeze periodically. In addition, I felt like sheer misery; I didn’t feel like doing anything. The job I had lined up had to be postponed, and if I was worried whether or not the boss would believe me–having to cancel yet once again–I didn’t have to because my sickness was apparent in the mono-drone voice that burbled and groaned over the phone.

I did a google search, like how I do for everything in my life, about the flu, and found from a rather shady source–since this was as much as my energy would allow–that a fever is the body working to suppress the presence of the influenza. Thus after the fourth day, being utterly immersed in full-blown flu, I took about 1 1/2 shot of NyQuil nighttime and sprawled myself out on the floor mat for about 2 days. I woke from this state several times in which, I would find my bed drenched in sweat. I would have to pace the room for a few minutes with a cloggy head and sick stomach while the sweat evaporated, then back to that dreadful state I would go. On the third day I felt like I had baked much of the flu out, yet when I went to study for my exam, which is tomorrow, I could still feel a terrible sense of ill-health: my stomach ached; the cough hurt my chest; a sneeze still emerged from time-to-time; and my head felt like a discarded meatloaf.

From a scientific perspective, the fever is the most intriguing part of all this. My body was working desperately to save me, and the only thing I could do was lie there in that vast zone of emptiness and let it do its thing. Feeling my temperature reach such limits was frightening though; the vile nightmares did not help. Now, I think I’ve reached the other side, but I am walking around like a zombie, and I have yet to feel fully “better.” I’ve been out of it for over two weeks, and the effects are readily apparent.

Being sick is so lame because it’s like the Titanic hitting the iceberg: it just happened and a catastrophe followed, plain and simple. I didn’t become submerged in a sea of ice-cold water, but I lost out on badly needed money, and the professors don’t reschedule exams because a student is sick. I even tried to study while I was sick, and that was a painful, nauseating experience I don’t even want to remember. Influenza is nonsense and it really irks my day when I pick up on a strain. Nothing’s to gain and the entire span of time is a sheer waste of time, aside from the fact that I managed to survive…until the next time I presume.

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