Sickness Update No. 2: Blogging Under The Influence

What an ordeal. First I encountered the disequilibrium. The symptoms transformed into full blown influenza. As I felt the influenza finally begin to dissipate, my right ear began making strange noises when I went to lay down for sleep. I woke with immense pain on the entire right half of my head. Gah! So I thought it would go away, but after sleeping again, the pain was as worse as ever. I went to class this morning feeling askew, came back home, took a nap, woke up, and the pain was too much. I broke down and went to the school hospital.

The diagnosis was an infection in the ear. That was fine, “But doctor,” I pleaded, “the pain…the pain doc…make it go away…have mercy on this miserable soul.” As opposed to some doctors who are so arrogant I would gladly toss them off a building without remorse, this doctor was an older guy and listened to everything I said, and asked me to choose medications, aside from the medication he prescribed for removing the infection. If there are angels, he’s one of them. The list: diziness meds, anti-anxiety, narcotic pain relief, and anti-biotic drops to attack the infection.

Thus the madness continues in my quest just to feel better. The pain feels like something I imagine what Phineas Gage felt when he sustained a metal bar that shot through his head. I could barely drive home, and I didn’t hesitate to load up on the relief once I got home.

Will this be it? Will I finally defeat the horror that haunts me?

Stay tuned till next time, same LK time, same LK channel.

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One Response to Sickness Update No. 2: Blogging Under The Influence

  1. woowooteacup says:

    Oh, god, not ear pain! Make you feel like ripping your ear right off your skull, doesn’t it? I hate ear pain. And, of course, if you’re having problems with your ears, that can contribute to the disequilibrium. Thank goodness for a kindly doctor.

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