Awakening, Groggily…with Review

After feeling like my head was filled with spikes, I finally overcame the urge to end it all when I realized the medication was finally working…two days later. Thus from Jan 10 to Feb 2 I’ve been feeling like total crap. I’m still in a spacey state and I missed an appointment because of. In addition, I performed the worst that I have ever done on a midterm and missed way too many classes, but all I can say now is, it’s over…I hope.

You might be wondering why I posted a picture of this gargantuan catfish, and the reason is because I had no idea they got this big.

I googled “Catfish” for info on the movie, and that was what I came up with accidentally. What a huge fish. At any rate, I re-googled and found the information I was looking for.

Sometime before I got sick I watched what I personally consider one of the most amazing movies of my viewing year, but that could be coming from my psychological studies perspective. I feel pretty good about the people I’ve met through my blog, but I declare, watching Catfish made my understanding of the new world all the more complete. The sly, calm and candid way in which this woman’s internet life becomes unraveled is truly a plot to fit the age. Of course, we’ve all seen and heard jokes about the all-pervasive, “who am I really dealing with on the internet.” And yet the subtle fascination, the slick ease of the film’s reality, it presents a startling, uncanny twist to the notion of anonymity and transparency in the world we live in.

Upon my first viewing, I thought, “Ah, it’s going to be another one of those movies where people dragged their camera around with them and took shots of everything, and somehow edited it into a plot…a student movie maker’s beginning.” I did homework as the movie rolled and missed many of the developments until late in the movie when I realized, I missed something, and “now something is going on.” I had to stop doing my homework. I made some dinner and began a re-watch. Again, I let myself tarry a little through the beginning, yet I focused a little more and I began to understand the nature of the woman on the other side of the line. Before I returned the movie to the video store, I re-watched it probably six times, and paid close attention to the commentary afterwards.

I love this film, it’s utterly insane. It makes me feel like the world is this oozy thing in which I know what is going on…most of the time. Then I see this and I realize that some people in the world are dealing with some pathological issues that are frightening because they slip into the worlds of those who are not. An official understanding and viewing presented a situation that could have, at any moment, gotten out of control. The film is a true case study and should be watched by everyone who uses Facebook, or just the plain internet. It definitely makes one want to hug their loved ones a little closer, to extend that warmth of personal touch that cries to plead, “yes, you, I do truly know you.”

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