Among Other Things, and a Meme

Even though my sleep/wake schedule is still a wreck, I have been happy about how the quarter has been going. I love the subject of writing and books, I am getting better at it, and my creative writing class is a complete blast. The downside is that I never really fit myself into a group when I moved to Davis, and I did this for a reason. I sacrificed a social life for my studies. I paid the price for being at the top of the class. I didn’t feel too bad because I knew all along the town is specifically designed for young people, but that is not an excuse. I could have been more social, but I let my persistence for good grades run everything about my life, and hopefully that will pay off. I spent the rest of my time either sleeping or resting while watching movies, but I know all too well how much I miss being a part of a bigger group. When I had a job, I felt this, and it felt good. I miss it. At any rate, the specter of change that follows me around assures me that something new is right around the corner, no matter how much trepidation I feel about the matter.

Aside from non-digital life, however, there’s the internet, and with the internet comes internet friends, one of which I am extending a fine thank you for urging me to post by mentioning me under the Stylish Blogger post at her blog, Mrs. Mary Warner from the WooWooTeacup Journal. Thanks Mary!! While I am to write seven “things” (love the ambiguity here) about myself, I don’t have the power to tag seven people because I don’t know seven other bloggers; maybe I know some, but they’ve deleted their blogs or we don’t associate with each other anymore. So without further adieu:

7 Things About Myself
1. The other day, when going over my requirements for completion, counselor L.J. remarked, “And as usual, all your stuff is in order and ahead of time.” I guess that means when matters are important to me, I have a tendency to be precise and competent about getting them done.
2. I still intend on passing on my genes so that the bloodline will continue; plus, I just love kids.
3. I have this thing about me such that, even when I screw up royally, people still offer to invite me and have me around. I’m very lucky in some of my friendships.
4. I still, pervasively and unchangeably, have gothic genre tendencies; the ghost story continues to dominate my ideas when I approach a writing project.
5. When I have the chance to sleep, I take it, and I seem to wake up in the strangest positions compared from how I feel asleep.
6. Everything I own seems meticulously documented and stored; all items of life are tidy and neatly put away.
7. I like easy going, relaxed people who aren’t judgmental and cocky snobs about how every second of life is supposed to operate.

That was rigorous. I had trouble thinking of seven things about me. I wonder what the underlying theme there is.

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One Response to Among Other Things, and a Meme

  1. woowooteacup says:

    Thanks for taking the meme challenge, LK. I had some difficulty with it too. I believe part of the reason is that, as bloggers, we’re already pouring ourselves into our posts. It’s tough to whittle it down to seven succinct things.

    With your penchant for the Gothic genre and ghost stories, I’d like to recommend an author I discovered yesterday at the library – Joe Hill. The book I found was the second in his Locke & Key series of comics. The series is illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. The first book is called “Welcome to Lovecraft.” The second, the one I found at the library, is called “Head Games.” In doing research on Joe, I discovered that he is a son of Stephen and Tabitha King. (Yes! THAT Stephen King!) If you have time, you should check out Joe’s work.

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