Month in Photos

Little cars that drive themselves:

In-N-Out Burger at 1AM:

Rain in May:

Gallery Photos:


Writing under the guidance of Prof. Fai brought many skills into my arsenal. Here he is describing how to overcome writer’s block by tapping into visions of the divine:

I learned under him while studying under famed author Yiyun Li. I’m such a ditz because I hadn’t realized that she, as my professor, was also something of a world renowned writer. If my brain could just work like a normal human being at least sometimes, I would be grateful.

At any rate, my brain worked well enough to be, like, almost the last person mentioned amongst a large list of frighteningly perfect people. Most winners received awards which would situate them with very large amounts of fellowship money and prestigious doctoral opportunities.


I didn’t receive any prestige. I did get noticed for a high GPA. I had no idea I would get a printed document of excellence. Maybe I will post that with a picture of my diploma. I thought I would just get another emailed honors letter, but I was misinformed. The document came with this smooth pin: 

So now I’m ready, ready to take on the world! Maybe it’s time to do some traveling…

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