Moving Around

Before leaving the climes of my favorite Mexican restaurant, I snap a shot of the bulletin board. I wonder how my life would be if I were to stay here. Maybe I would meet some nice Catholic girl, get married and have kids or something. Maybe I would become a pillar in the community and teach English to Hispanic children. I won’t ever know because I am leaving again.

I snap a shot of the balloons because I am used to seeing them. Yolo county has a balloon and skydiving program, though I am better off just watching. I’ve taken all my risks in life, though I feel like the plan I have is the greatest risk I can possibly take, for I am leaving again.

I wait for car repairs and notice the Halliburton sign. I wonder about the CIA and world espionage as I walk around this industrial neighborhood. What has this country done? What are they up to now? Does their behavior have an effect on my life?

Later, I approach the big city in the distance and wonder about my destiny. I wonder about the great structures of mankind on earth and I wonder about my place on earth. Exactly where is that place? Where will I end up? Do I really have to keep moving from place to place?

The Trans-America Pyramid pokes its peak into the sky as I pass on the Bay Bridge. I am watching the road carefully and snapping the photo blindly, and I am glad my luck worked here. I just hope my luck will extend to the other provinces of my life. Do I really need luck? Does luck exist? Is luck conditional and judging?

Alcatraz peeks into the photo from the distance and I wonder about the great landmark. Am I grateful to not have to be locked up on an island? Of course. Where is my freedom then? The high road awaits me as I keep driving, off to somewhere. Maybe that is where I belong.

San Francisco has a different shape coming from the south. Wide with buildings, the multitudes of strange faces await where I would probably fit in just fine, no one knowing me, a strange face to fit in with the rest.

I think about the city and wonder as I later encounter the mountain range where my drive takes me. What lies north?…I wonder. Maybe the solitude of the trees will provide an answer while the sun melts away beyond the borders of the fading day.

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2 Responses to Moving Around

  1. Mz. Woo says:

    Any sense of which direction the winds of change will take you, LK?

  2. LK says:

    To be honest, I still can’t tell, though I know it will either be San Francisco or Sonoma. SF is a huge city mess and Sonoma is total farm life so there’s quite the contrast.

    Hopefully something works out right.

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