State of Suspension

Have you ever set up a small, critical mass of things that are intended to happen so that, if all goes correctly, everything will work out perfectly?

Such is the state of my life, only this time the matter seems a little more edgy. I know that by not worrying about what will happen, I simply allow the future to run fair course. I can only do so much, and I’ve done what I can thus far to control the outcome. Waiting to see if everything goes according to plan is the kicker.

In the meantime my emotions run wild with imagination because that is all I have. My summer job alloted only a certain amount of money. Therefore, in my spare time, I think of a million things to write about, but I feel uneasy because truthfully, I want to do something more than write. I want to go camping or just go do something in general, but I’m not in the position financially. I can only do what I usually do as a perpetually impoverished individual: watch a movie, ride bike, write a blog. I talk with a neighbor here, sit by the pool there, but ultimately, I’m in a state of suspension until I discover that my moving plans have worked out and the graduate studies begin. In fact, there wasn’t much escape from the schoolwork this summer, for as soon as I graduated, I already had a list of about 45 reading assignments in critical theory and others. I’ve been studying part-time over the past few months, and seems the studies aren’t escaping me. For that, however, I am grateful. This is the life I am choosing, therefore these are the prices I have to pay.

In these regards, I think that if I am unable to find a good worthy job within two years, I will buy this web address from WordPress and make it my travel blog. I will get a passport and a one-way ticket to the Orient and work my way west. Being cooped up in study spaces researching and writing and researching and writing is exposing me to the travel bug, and I feel like I just might be getting bitten.

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2 Responses to State of Suspension

  1. noranoir says:

    Opportunities exist to teach English abroad. My brother’s done it on a BA degree for about 15years, my cousin-in-law is doing it now, and I’ve had 2 friends do it. From what I see most of the jobs are in Korea. They sometimes come with a free apartment. Knowing Korean is not required. ESL Cafe is a website my brother recommends. It’s far east, decent pay, easy to get (unlike jobs here) and a fun experience. Get outta dodge, rebuild your cash reserves and forge new memories!

  2. LK says:

    My 18th Century professor was actually a PhD candidate, which means her job at UCD was only temporary. Turns out her only choice for work was what you mentioned, hence inspiring the very thoughts you’ve conveyed here in me as well (only she works in Turkey, and I’d much rather be in Korea). I couldn’t imagine, but indeed…I could be blogging from the Orient! Knowing you know people who’ve done it lends the idea more credibility too, so we’ll have to see.

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