NorCor Drifter

Mexican food here in Davis is served with Mexican Pepsi. Mexican Pepsi? That’s correct. Mexican Pepsi has a different flavor than regular Pepsi because of the switch in the main ingredient: Pepsi from Mexico uses sugar straight from the cane. I don’t buy it that often, but I have to admit, drinking cold Pepsi out of a bottle is quite delicious. It’s even better when it comes from Mexico.

After eating, I went outside and found the moon to be full and hovering directly above the skyline. Now, if I owned the miraculous camera equipment that I wish I did, this picture would look like a blood red moon looming ominously in the sky. Since I don’t, the moon here looks like a soggy planet seen from a broken telescope, but that’s okay because I enjoyed taking the picture. In fact, the picture was taken on my way to Blockbuster video, where the incident occurred that led me to finally try RedBox for the first time.

The rates and contracts are always changing, and I think it’s all geared to keep the store from going bankrupt amid this dreadful economic atmosphere. The deal used to be: rent a movie for three days. This is not the case anymore. Now the deal is: rent a movie, return the very next day, or face a late fee. All this comes after the fact that Blockbuster in Davis shut down due to the costs. Therefore, I have [had] to drive all the way to Woodland to browse movies. Instead of holding on to the movies for a few days, the new deal states that I have to drive all the way back and return them immediately. Problems, problems: too much gas. I decided at one point to pay late fees in advance, but then one day, when a new employee misunderstood why there was credit on my account, she gave me a free movie. Next evening following, the manager–a very outspoken (mouthy) manager–declares that I owe money on the account and that I’ve been late with several movies. Me? I have the most impeccable credit these days, and was offended at being recognized as some delinquent movie renter. I explained to her what I had been doing: I’d been paying in advance, but this woman’s personality, haughty/insincere; she just tore into me about owing the money. I generally don’t get heated these days in my life, but sometimes when people get mouthy, I can return the generosity. At any rate, I simply left without the movies I intended to rent. Then, out of nowhere, there, up ahead in the distance, like a voice from beyond:

So there’s the story of how I got to RedBox. The selection isn’t that great but the price is certainly fair.

In spite of it all, the times wear down and the time rolls around to where none of this matters. What does matter is getting situated in yet another place that is even worse than it was renting here. I’m studying to get a master’s degree, something I never announced because to be honest, I wasn’t certain I’d go through with it. I have plans on how to navigate the work because as I understand, getting a master’s is like getting pilloried in a room and having your elders huck balls of wet paper at your face. I believe, however and hopefully, after this conquest, I will do something like apply at Oxford or something crazy like that and school out of the country. Who knows? Maybe I’ll apply somewhere at a school near you!

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2 Responses to NorCor Drifter

  1. Mz. Woo says:

    ” … a soggy planet seen from a broken telescope” – Priceless!

    Good luck on studying for your Master’s. Here’s hoping it isn’t as you described. (At least wet paper doesn’t hurt that much.) 🙂

  2. LK says:

    Depending on how often they go at it, Mz. Woo. I’ve been following a blog and I’ve heard from a few poeple about the treacherous landscape of thesis critique, so I’ll be developing some thick skin, which is good because I’m so darned sensitive.

    Thank you!…I hope to report more good news someday.

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