Officially Moved [Again]

This is the last thing about the city of Davis I experienced before spending much of an entire night packing. The spaghetti here is good and who knows, the day may come when I eat here again.

Throughout the night I packed, discarding what items I could so that I wouldn’t have as much to load as I did last time. I managed to get everything down to one simple truckload, and I believe I may whittle this amount down even further.

Next day, the room was ready for a new individual to occupy the space:

I arrived at the new place after much traveling. I used a friend’s truck that was far away, so I ended up driving something of an 180mile round trip in the shape of a triangle more than once. As anyone can see, the new roommate is clearly a San Francisco Giants fan. I used to be, but don’t follow sports anymore.

Rohnert Park is supposed to be “The Friendly City,” but I am finding that most of the drivers are abhorrently rude, consisting of an inordinate amount of speeding and tailgating.

The landscape is different from the valley I used to live in. Eucalyptus trees fill the view for miles whenever a hill is climbed on the freeway, and from my room there happens to be a few pine trees. I’m not wholly new to the area as this is the place where something drastic once occurred, but I figure that since it was twenty years ago, I seriously doubt I will run into the person involved. Truthfully, I hope I don’t; I am prepared, however, and will act in this prepared manner should the event materialize. At any rate, scenes like these on the hillside, in conjunction with places like the Fruit Palace fill the roadsides all the way to Bodega Bay from this point. I will be sure to get some pictures of Bodega if I get the chance, truly amazing stuff there.

A view of the lake at campus kept me busy until I had to return to unpacking because the semester started before I could even get settled. Life has been hectic, even a little dismal, trying to readjust, but since I have no choice in the matter, I sort of move through time like a zombie. Seems to be working, and it all comes together with a little help from these guys:

At the end of the day, I retreat to my new study area that will last who knows how long since I basically can’t stand my new residence. Life is about overcoming and working through struggles, so I strive to get the best training and experience in these areas. Something positive will evolve from all this, so we just have to keep waiting until it finally emerges.

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One Response to Officially Moved [Again]

  1. Mz. Woo says:

    Ah, the life of a college student – constantly moving, never completely settled. We’ve moved 2 kids back to college in the last month and understand the constant upheaval. Hang in there.

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