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I suspected for the longest time that Black Friday would provide the ticket to a reasonably priced video camcorder. And I was right. The process of shopping was tricky, however, as chance was responsible for the final purchase.

My sleeping schedule had been fouled up because of my screwy schedule and I found myself feeling tired all though the holiday, yet wide awake come 3am Friday morning. The town was blanketed in fog and by 5am, I was antsy about leaving home to check out the deals since I knew through the news that stores had been open since 11:30pm the previous night. I ate a hearty McDs breakfast then drove to Target through the black mist. I’d never seen the store alive with such activity at that hour, and yet in this town, the place wasn’t altogether overactive. Inside I found the deal that I’d been waiting for–walking through that particular aisle for at least a year or more. Originally listed at $279.99, the camcorder I wanted was dropped to $219.99. The time was right to swoop, but strangely, the greasy-haired man who’d been working the entire night told me they were sold out. He checked the computer and said there were six in stock in the next town up, which would be Santa Rosa.

So into my car I go, the sun beginning to turn the black fog into a dark gray. I arrived and purchased the camcorder at the sale price, and then for some reason, because this particular Target was located alongside a series of stores including a Best Buy, I decided to see if any DVDs might be on sale. In this location many more people were to be found, and at that early hour the stores were crawling packed with people, though this didn’t stop me from looking around. In fact, I was surprised to find the X-Files ninth season since Best Buy had stopped carrying them for some reason; but my curiosity pushed me a little further, and I had to look to see if I had missed any deals on camcorders. Sure enough, the camcorder that I’d already bought, the same exact model, was on sale for a much cheaper price. Huh? Okay, so how was I going to fix this.

I walked quickly back to my car, grabbed the Target camcorder, and marched back to the customer service center to perform a return. I was baffled while I was walking because I had always thought myself a careful shopper. Best Buy had this same camcorder in the past, but it was actually more expensive than Target’s at that time, so naturally I assumed that the price difference would be the same. How wrong I was. So after thinking that I had saved $60, I went and re-bought the same camera from Best Buy, with the option of either paying $149.99 for the camcorder, or paying $189.99 for the bundle, which included a bag, extra battery and extra memory. I opted for the bundle after originally thinking on buying just the camcorder, yet even in this case, I ended up saving another $30 on top of the $60 that I saved previously, making for a whopping $90 savings in total. This allowed for me to obtain the last installment of my X-Files collection with relative ease, and now I finally have a camcorder.

The key here was that curious twist of natural circumstances that forced me to leave town. I wouldn’t have driven to Santa Rosa because I was too tired from being up half the night, but destiny had a different plan. How these conditions arose to position myself for this adventure is peculiar, and reminds me of a story I’ve lately been studying about the fate of Harold Godwinson in relation to the situation he had to deal with concerning his brother Tostig, a situation that ultimately made things easier for William the Conqueror and the conquest of England, but this story will have to be fodder for another post some day in the distant future. In either case, life sometimes obviously seems as though the nature of things work in opposition to what we think.

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3 Responses to The Season

  1. Mz. Woo says:

    Congrats on the good buy!

  2. Clare D says:

    Aha, I see Mz Woo is here already! Hello Mz Woo:-)

    Anyway…hello LK. I just came over here to thank you for the comment on my blog, and have been reading yours in turn. I like your description of early morning sales shopping, and think you have captured the weirdness of it completely. I’ve done the same: sometimes the shops over here over very early on Boxing Day (day after Christmas) and once I got up even earlier just to see what it was like. I already felt a little spaced out through lack of sleep, just as you were, and the sight of all these people teeming around as dawn was on the point of breaking was unexpectedly memorable. I shall have to do it again sometime.

  3. LK says:

    Ms. Clare, your website is very inspiring. Now I’m looking forward to reading one of your books soon.

    Thank you for visiting

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