The Chivalrous Mouse

The Chivalrous Mouse

In the days of lily stardust
When waxen moons lit the star-studded skies
There lived a field mouse
Who, with many wild fancies,
Took to a life chivalry.

Life was not easy,
For the life of a chivalrous mouse
Was riddled with tense moments,
And magical days
Were filled with surprises.

One day he came face to face
With a frog that wanted to
Drag the mouse into the water,
Hoping to drown
The chivalrous mouse.

Battling for his life,
The mouse heaved his shiny sword,
Gouging a hole into
The belly of this
Amphibious creature.

The mouse cried, “May all mice cheer,
For I am victorious!”
And the mouse,
The victorious mouse,
Made off to his wife, at his house.

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One Response to The Chivalrous Mouse

  1. Mz. Woo says:

    Adorable! I like it. 🙂

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