Life in Photo Land

Thinking about Life at Sunset

Blue Sunset

Lights in the Fog

Lights in the Fog

Gallery Art

Art 1

Art 2

Art 3

Art 4

Art 5

The End of an Era

Blockbuster 1

Blockbuster 2

Chem Trails

Chem Trails

Crazy Truck

Crazy Truck 1

Crazy Truck 2

Cusco Peru

Cusco Peru

Bar for Beauty

Expectations of Beauty


Figurine 1

Figurine 2

Saying Goodbye to a Shirt

Fish Naked 1

Fish Naked 2

Liberalized Hotel Drawer

Hotel Drawer

Bike Bridge at Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Bike Bridge 1

Santa Rosa Bike Bridge 2

Oaks in Sunset

Oaks in Sunset

Old Wall

Old Building

Beneath the Bridge




In Love With the Moon

Moon 1

Moon 2

Moon 3

Moon 4

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